Gardens Under Glass is working to be a sustainable urban Eco Village located in the Galleria at Erieview.  Built in 1987 in the heart of Downtown Cleveland, the Galleria was designed as a two story retail center and has been transformed into a mixed-use property.  It is the ideal location for a project of this nature due to its structural design that provides a year round controlled environment, perfectly conducive to successful implementation.

   At the project’s root is an urban farm; Arcadia Glass House featuring BioDynamicz hydroponics that uses a system called

“re-circulating greenhouse hydroponics” to grow food such as: lettuce, herbs, peppers, and other produce.  The Glass House will be operated by a tracking device designed by Chris Clark with Sunflower Solutions and Solar Panels sponsored by Dove Tail Solar & Wind. 

   Gardens Under Glass ReSource Center opened in September of 2010 and their Classes and workshops are ongoing.

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